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Fine Gold Jewelry & MCM Modernist Sterling, Estate Merchandise, Lots of Ammo and Firearms

Fine Gold Jewelry & MCM Modernist Sterling, Estate Merchandise, Lots of Ammo and Firearms

Wednesday Auction - October 19,  2022 - starting at 1pm in Zephyrhills, Fl. ~ LIVE Auction 



Vintage & collectibles Estate Items, Modernist and Victorian Jewelry pieces this week:  Modernist Sterling pieces, Sigi Pineda 970 earrings, Sterling Sigi Pineda Modernist ring, Book of Disney pins & framed piece with pins.  PLUS  Jewelry Counter Collectibles:  Sterling weighted candlesticks and sterling weighted salt & pepper shakers, men's gold filled pocketwatches, Mickey Mouse Ingersal watch, men's and ladies wrist watches, cufflinks, tie tac's, pins, badges and loose gemstones.  Modernist sterling - pewter - copper  & costume jewelry, Sterling Norway Gulloche enamel set (Olive Green), Pink sterling Norway brooch, Red & White sterling Norway set by Ivar. T. Holth.
Fine Gold Jewelry:  14k Victorian necklace and earrings set 24.0 grams, 14k locket with chain 3.0 grams, 14k Victorian brooch 5.3 grams, 12k Victorian brooch with seed pearls, 14k Ladies Elgin de Lux watch As Is, 10k gold vintage camphor glass necklace 6.1 grams, 10k gold & carved elephant, 14k wire & posts curved Modernist ring and earrings.  14k gold ring with diamond wedding set 5.2 grams, 14k gold Jade ring 5.8 grams, 14k gold syn ruby ring 3.2 grams, 14k coin ring 3.2 grams, 10k gold diamond cluster ring 5.3 grams, 10k gold sapphire ring 2.4 grams, 10k pearl ring 2.4 grams, 14k pearl pendant 2.0 grams, 14k gold diamond stickpin 2.8 grams, and 10k coral stick pin 2.7 grams. 
Victorian hair fob, Gutta Percha brooch & earrings, Victorian Nanny pin, gold filled bangle bracelet, perfumes.  More Sterling Modernists MCM Mid Century Modern jewelry bracelets, Sterling and gemstones and Sterling and diamonds. Costume jewelry signed by Hobe - Lisner - Weiss - Coro - Laguna - SARAH - J.J. - Carolee - Whiting & Davis and more.
Silver Coins:  Morgan 1887 Pearl Harbor coin and stamp, 1892-S Morgan dollar, other Morgan dollars.  1996 silver eagle, 1911-D Liberty half dollar, Walking Liberty halves, Buffalo nickels, 2 cent coins, mint sets, 1881 3cent nickel, 1899 barber quarter, mercury dimes, Roman coin, U.S. Mints,  50 state quarter collection, Liberty head nickel book 1/2 full, Indian head pennies and Foreign coins & currency.

Estate Furniture will be selling approx. 2:45pm EARLY:  tan brown color electric double recliner sofa (3 seater) reclines so smoothly and lays completely back.  2 Bedroom suites:  black & white color set has double dresser with mirror, matching queen bed and 2 night stands.  Grey oak design color set has double  dresser, mirror, 5 drawer 5' tall chest and 2 night stands.   Corner office desk furniture:  2 file drawers, cabinets, and 'L' shaped computer desk.  3 light cherry tall 7'8" tall book cases (these match the computer desk).  Lamps, vases and Art plus 4 tier bamboo shelf.    
Beginning of Auction sale with:  Tools, electronics,  Reese Explorer 6' aluminum ramps, log splitter, Blister packages of toys, 16 'Mustang' Hotwheels Hot Wheels unopened toy packages, vintage Pyrex bowls casserole dishes Turquoise blue and pink, 20 Longaberger baskets, Disneyana, WWII Radio receiver, Mongoose Crossway 450 bike bicycle, Arc welder, vintage Bose Wave radio with box, Collectibles: Bronze Ram Head hitching post, Early 19th century Inlaid detailed box, Maitland Smith porcelain - several pieces, Wedgwood Victorian style dresser set, Foresters - England vases, German Dress Bayonet authentic, German Dagger authentic, 4 Remington bullet knives, Military clothing, AnnaLee dolls, Vintage Barbie dolls - Ken dolls - other cousins dolls (including Black Americana), Metal advertising signs:  Chesterfield Cigarettes, Coca Cola, PPG Collision automotive, Bud beer, Coors beer, Marlboro cigarettes, Pioneer Vintage China .177 pellet air pistol - no box (including 1 package of pellets). 

Firearms List attached as a document and Ammo detailed listing below: 

A. Federal 12ga. Double 00 buck shot – 25 rds per box –  total of 12bxs (3bxs per deal)​

B. Wolf 12ga. 7 ½” bird shot – 25 rds per box – total of 8bxs (4bxs per deal)
C. Sellier & Bellot 223 cal. FMJ/M193 – 55gr – 20 rds per box – total of 8bxs 
D. RTBA (Right to Bear Ammo) 223 rem cal. Subsonic – 75gr – 20 rds per box – total of 25bxs – (5bxs per deal)
E. Hornady Match 338 cal. Lapua – 250 gr. BTHP – 20 rds per box - total 4 boxes – (selling each box)
F. Hornady Varmit Express 6.8mm special – 110 gr. V-Max – 20 rds per box – total of 20 boxes – (5bxs per deal)
G. RTBA (Right to Bear Ammo) 308win Subsonic – 208 gr AMAX – 50 rds per box – total of 12 bxs (3bxs per deal)
H. CCI 22lr Quiet-22 – 40 gr. – 50 rds per box – total of 25 boxes (5bxs per deal) 
I. Remington 300 Blackout High Performance Rifle cal. – 220 gr. OTM – 20 rds per box – total of 12 boxes – (3bxs per deal)
J. FNH 5.7x28mm High Performance Lead Free (blue boxes) – 27 gr. – 50 rds per box – total of 20 boxes – (5bxs per deal)
K. Assortment of 9mm ammo 
L. Box Lot of 12ga. Ammo assortment – approx.. 50 shells
M. Federal 22lr Auto match – 40gr. - 325 rds per box – total of 3 boxes
N.  4 Rifle Magazines – 223/5.56mm multi cal. magazines 
O.  (a)   2 Rifle Magazines – 308 cal. magazines 
O.  (b)  3 Rifle Magazines - AK47 - 7.62x39mm cal. magazines 
P.  4 Rifle Magazines – 300 blackout cal. magazines 
Q. Vortex 6.5 x 20 x 44 Rifle scope with original box 
R. Burris Eliminator 3 x 12 x -44mm Rifle scope
S.  8 Rifle Magazines – 300 blackout cal. magazines 
T.  5 Rifle Magazines – 308 cal. - 10 rds magazines 
U.  4 Rifle Magazines – 308 cal. - 15 rds magazines 
V. (a)  PMC Bronze 40 cal. Smith & Wesson – 180 gr. – total of 2 boxes
V (b). IMI Systems 5.56 x 45mm – 62 gr. FMJ Full Metal Jacketed – 30 rds per box – total of 2 boxes
V (c). Lawman Speer 9mm Luger High Performance – 115 gr. – 50 rds per box – total of 2 boxes 
W. 3 - .458 Socom cal. Rifle magazines – (1) Barrett, (1) Tapco 
and (1) unknown mfg. 
X. Sellier & Bellot FMJ 9mm Luger – 124 gr. – 50 rds per box – total of 20 boxes 
Y.  Tasco Sportsman scope - 4-12x40 with Original box 
Z.   Tasco Rimfire scope 3-9x40 with Original Box

and other miscellaneous gun related items and several metal ammo cans - clean.


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2154 Gall Blvd, Zephyrhills, Fl. 33541 (just south of SR 56 and highway 301 traffic light - east side of road), Zephyrhills, Florida 33541
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