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Welcome to Auctionology!

    We are the web's fastest growing MOST Innovative Auction Advertising Platform in the nation today. We are an Auctioneer collaborative meaning that our purpose is working together to build the LARGEST Network of Auctioneers and Auction Buyers in every community across the nation.

    What sets us apart from others?......

    - We incorporate Modern Tile Ad Format

    - Full-Featured Landing Pages

    - Hyperlink Features

    - Easy Social Media Sharing

    - Unlimited Photo Uploads. These are just to name a few!

    With 20+ years of actively working in the auction industry to date, we know what Auction Companies need in this Industry. Not only have we developed this AWESOME Advertising Platform with a great "catchy" name, but we also have developed an EASY TO USE state-of-the-art Online Bidding Platform that every auction company can take advantage of....... at rates nobody can beat on a national level!

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The BIGGEST benefit for all Auction Companies is keeping everyone's advertising costs low - ALWAYS! We currently offer FREE Auction Advertising / Auctioneer Directory Pages through 2022-2023. In 2024, rates will be a very low $5.00 per Auction Listing and we intend to keep these low rates for many years to come. is truly designed by Auctioneers and for Auctioneers. There is no better way to say it!

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