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Debbie Lee
2239 Hwy #9 East
Dillon, South Carolina 29536

About Us

We are a family owned an operated business and we have been at the same location for over 30 years. Leon and Betty Williams started this business that has grown to be family oriented.We are in our third working generation. Mike and Danny have been working in the business before they ever finished high school. Mike is the lead auctioneer he has been auctioning for over 22 years,Danny is the main ring man a long with grandsons and numerous close friends. With granddaughters doing the clerking. The office help consist of Betty, daughter Debbie.  Our auction thrives on antiques from around the world and locally. Although we primarily sell antiques, we also sell anything from baby cribs to baby grand pianos and home furnishings from the floor to the ceiling, We normally have between 1200 to 1500 lots per auction. There are customers that have been coming for the last 30 years that come to buy and socialize. So if you are interested in either one please come and join us. We do have air conditioning it just works better in the winter time.  Outside gets a little warm or a little cold at times depending on the season, but it still fun to look at all the different items that people want to sell.

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