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Colorful Curiosities: Discovery Art

Colorful Curiosities: Discovery Art
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5823 Ward Court
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The "Colorful Curiosities" Discovery Art auction presents a curated ensemble of artworks, spanning diverse mediums from oil on canvas to lithographs. Beautiful pieces by artists such as George Vouroudi, R. Wilcox, and N. Israels harmoniously coalesce with the vibrant expressions of Karin Schaefers, Neal Doty, Giancarlo Impiglia, and A. Yvon. From abstract inspirations reminiscent of Pablo Picasso to serene landscapes and dynamic lithographs, the collection invites art enthusiasts to explore a visual journey, providing both aesthetic allure and artistic introspection.

5823 Ward Ct
Virginia Beach, Virginia 23455

Dive into the curated "Colorful Curiosities" Discovery Art auction, an ensemble of visual delight where aesthetic allure dances with distinctive artistry. From the radiant brushwork of George Vouroudi's oil on canvas to the serene landscapes captured by R. Wilcox, each piece narrates a unique story. Karin Schaefers offers a harmonious depiction of unity with her evocative portrayal, while N. Israels presents an abstract that borrows inspiration from the legendary Pablo Picasso. Neal Doty's introspective figure juxtaposed against a vast planet showcases the depth of acrylic on canvas, and Giancarlo Impiglia's lithograph pulses with life and movement. A. Yvon's pastel on paper beautifully captures the rhythms of village life, bringing stories from the countryside to the fore. With a medley of mediums, including drawing on paper and more, this collection promises an immersive journey for every art enthusiast. Explore, appreciate, and perhaps find your next aesthetic muse at this Discovery Art auction.


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Colorful Curiosities: Discovery Art